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Selina Kelly

General Manager – Website Travel

It has been a dynamic, exciting and progressive 10 years that Selina Kelly has helped develop and lead Website Travel to success within the tourism industry. From its early years as the successful retail business solution to what is now a powerful and competitive platform offering a diverse range of application within their global community of tour operators, retail agents, wholesalers and ecommerce web services.

The growth and development that Selina has facilitated in building such a complex technological benchmark for adventure travel agents and operators certainly has not gone un-noticed.
Maybe Selina’s success could be attributed to her invested knowledge over the years spent in Adventure Travel. In her personal life she has been intrinsically involved in the operations behind a popular Byron Bay tour company, as well spent her time managing travel stores and teams on the retail front. Selina’s ability to process new growth in a way which not only works in creating viable business ventures but as well offers a fair and in demand development for the customer is truly valuable.

One of the values very much driven from the core of Selina’s leadership style is the idea of minimizing the work load, and maximizing the result. This cannot be more obvious in the ability for Website Travel to grow year on year yet continue to administer tour operator payments in what could be considered, a work of art. Streamlining this process within the Asia Pacific and now further abroad has seen the Website Travel portfolio increase significantly.

In and around her responsibilities at Website Travel, she is a mother to beautiful Billy, an avid drummer and spends her time enjoying a relaxed Byron Bay lifestyle. Selina is proud to work for a company that is a member of many industry organisations including BOA, ATEC, BYATA and AQ and believes in the growth and future prosperity travel technology continues to provide our fabulous industry.