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Session preview: Terrorism and cultural exchange: An international collision course

22 February 2016
22 Feb 2016 -

Terrorism and cultural exchange: An international collision course
Friday 8 April
13:30 – 14:15

GroupTravel is encouraged more so than ever before, as transportation becomes cheaper and demand for multi-cultural knowledge grows across the world. However, one of the most pervasive and seemingly intractable problems confronting tourism and tourists is hostility and terrorism.

Dr. Tony Nankervis will explore the issue of hostility and terrorism in tourism and whether it is born of an ideological distaste for western lifestyles and behaviours or part of a much larger agenda.

We will then hear from Worldnomad’s Travel Safety Expert, Phil Sylvester, who will present trends and statistics relating to the younger generation and their views on terrorism and travel and examine whether the threat and fear of terrorism actually discourages young travellers. Lastly, we will consider what the real perceptions of our destination are prior to arrival and if terrorism is a problem for Australia’s tourism industry.

The session aims to discuss whether young people should travel in an era of terrorism, what the chances are that they will be victims, and whether travel providers have a duty of care to keep them safe- and how they can do that.

Meet the speakers:

Tony NankervisDr. Tony Nankervis
Swinburne University

Prior to entering academic life Tony spent almost thirty years in travel & tourism management in roles as diverse as lifestyle radio announcer, tour guide, ship’s purser, tour wholesaler, and travel agent.





Phil Sylvester - phoot

Phil Sylvester

Phil Sylvester is the Head of Content at World Nomads. It’s a fancy title for a guy who loves writing, and can’t believe his luck that he’s at one of the coolest digital companies on the planet helping people to become smarter travellers.




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