Buyers terms and conditions

1. General

  • The Buyer agrees to pay the non-refundable administration fee to secure registration.
  • The Buyer agrees to book his/her own return flights to Sydney and will be reimbursed by WYSE Travel Confederation in accordance with the flight allowance.
  • In order to receive airfare reimbursement, the buyer must attend the full event and provide an official receipt from the supplier, along with a copy of the e-ticket.
  • Reimbursement will only be provided to the value of the airfare booked by the Buyer.
  • The period in which the departure to Australia and return to port of origin can be booked is a maximum of 10 days prior to event start on Thursday 3 May and 10 days post conclusion of the event on Monday 14 May.
  • Once the hosted accommodation has been booked and confirmed by WYSE Travel Confederation, the Buyer is responsible for any fees or charges incurred due to hotel reservation changes.
  • The Buyer is responsible for securing and paying any fees in relation to a visa for entry into Australia.
  • The Buyer understands that approval for a fully hosted buyer registration is subject to availability and ability to meet the set criteria. The final decision lies with WYSE Travel Confederation.
  • The Buyer is responsible for obtaining relevant travel insurance.
  • The Buyer understands that his/her organisation’s logo may be used to promote that organisation’s attendance at the event.
  • The Buyer should contact with any further questions.
  • For list of selection criteria, please click here.
  • By registering for WYSE Exchange Australia, the Buyer agrees to the general WYSE Exchange Australia terms and conditions.

2. Participation

  • The Buyer agrees to participate in all of the appointments scheduled on Tuesday 8 May and Thursday 10 May 2018.
  • The Buyer agrees to participate in all official networking events as set out in the programme.
  • The Buyer must provide company description and logo at the time of registration.
  • Buyers who wish to cancel their attendance, must do so in writing to by 2 March 2018.
  • Buyers who cancel their attendance after 2 March 2018 will be subject to a cancellation fee of EUR 800. No refunds (e.g. administrative fee or registration fee) will be available to Buyers who cancel their attendance after 2 March 2018.
  • The Buyer understands that his/her presence is required at all official WYSE Exchange Australia functions as indicated in the programme.
  • The Buyer understands that all participant arrangements and/or changes must be submitted in writing and confirmed by WYSE Travel Confederation prior to WYSE Exchange Australia.
  • The Buyer agrees to participate in the Sydney familiarisation as set out in the programme.
  • The Buyer must complete and sign the Destination NSW health and accident waiver form.
  • The Buyer understands that participation in familiarisation trips and all activities therein is at the Buyer’s own risk, and that WYSE Travel Confederation may not be held responsible for any liabilities, costs, expenses, damages or losses suffered or incurred by the buyer’s participation in familiarisation trips.

3. Liability and insurance

WYSE Travel Confederation is not liable for any claim of theft, damage of property, or injury sustained while participation takes place.


4. Concluding

  • WYSE Travel Confederation shall have full power to interpret and amend the above mentioned terms and conditions.
  • Should a buyer fail to comply with the WYSE Exchange Australia Buyer terms and conditions, a misconduct charge of AUD 850 will be applied and the total price of their hosted accommodation will be charged back to the Buyer.
  • Any misconduct will also result in the Buyer being denied any further participation at any WYSE Travel Confederation hosted events.
  • In addition to these terms and conditions, the general Terms & Conditions apply.