Business Appointments

Over two days of B2B, Australian Sellers will have the opportunity to have between 25 and 30 business appointments with a selection of top Buyers from around the world.  If you are a Buyer looking to participate, rest assured, you will meet leading product and services that will help build a compelling programme to Australia.

Educational Sessions

Scheduled between the two B2B days, a full day of education will take place.  WYSE Travel Confederation in consultation with Destination NSW and a local advisory committee are in the process of  designing a programme that will deliver the latest trends and insights revolving around the Australian youth travel industry.  Keep your eye out in the new year for the 2018 conference programme.

Social Programme

We know that social networking events provide added opportunity for delegates to mingle and continue conversations following on from the business appointments.  Destination NSW is the proud host of the Welcome Networking Dinner;  the main social event that will welcome our international guests and Australian operators there.

Buyer Familiarisations

The team at Destination NSW has developed an exciting pre and post famil programme for the international Buyers.  This is an important element of WYSE Exchange Australia and will leave Buyers excited about Australia and New South Wales!  Buyers will also get a chance to take a break between trading days and will be hosted to a day of fun in Sydney.